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Conference GPR 2010
  Seismic on roads

One of the most perspective direction is seismic tomography. During the last three years we have been developed the new universal equipment "GEOS DIGITAL" for low depth seismic for using in urban conditions.

The main part of the equipment is digital seismic sensor. It consists of seismic sensor, amplifier, analog to digital converter and microcontroller. The body of digital seismic sensor is leak-proof. The steel tip is used for setting sensor in ground. Seismic sensor are connected with cables. The length of cables up to 50 m. Seismo-hub (the base block) is used for collecting the data from sensors and for transfering data to computer. Because of using digital transfer mode we have very low noise signals otherness analog transfer mode. So this system can be used in urban areas and in the areas with high extern noise.

We are using specialized sofware that has been developed in our company.

We have used seismic tomography with georadar sounding during construction cable collector.

Receivers were set in the ground with interval 4 m. Sources were set in the opposite side on the line parrallel to the railroad paths with interval 1m. After the sofware processing we got the picture of wave attenuation distribution. On this picture with the help of color we got the information about the discontinuity of geo massiv. Cold colors (blue) are the zones with low attenuation, warm color (red) are the zones with high attenuation. We interpreted this zones like zones with low density.

Digital seismic sensor in the water-proof body

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