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      TR-GEO-01 (MOBILE)
  Our works:
      In tunnels
      On roads
      On railroads

      On building

      On water surface

      In reconstruction geological slices

      Seismic profiling

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Conference GPR 2010
  Georadar TR-GEO-01
    TR-GEO-01 georadar is mid-frequency video pulse georadar designed for sounding of various objects in grounds with low and moderate attenuation of radio waves. This georadar is suited for application in rocky mass, wet sandy grounds and clay loams with low moisture content. It is applied in tunnels for ground monitoring ahead of tunneling machine. This georadar can be also used when constructing buildings and highways as well as in trenchless technologies.  
    This georadar is suited for sounding and detection of
- water-filled fracture zones in rocky mass,
- karst cavities and large boulders
- borders of water lenses, floating earth and alluvial cuttings.

- various metallic and dielectric objects of no less than about 0,05- 0,5 m in size as well as cables and pipes.

- cavities and wet zones beneath asphalt pavement.

- areas of leakage of oil products and water from pipelines.
  Device configuration:
    - Video pulse generator with accumulator are placed inside the transmitting antenna .
- Receiving unit, control unit and accumulator are placed inside one unit of 20x18x12 cm in size.
- Pass sensor can be connected to the antenna unit.
- Notebook Computer .
  Technical options and parameters:
    Depth of detection:
  - in dry sandy ground, rocky ground, frozen ground - up to 20 m
  - in wet sandy ground - up to 10 m
  - in clay loam with low moisture content - up to 5 m
Duration of reflected video pulse to be received:
  - first oscillation (half-cycle) of about 2,5-3 nanoseconds
  - full duration (two main oscillation) of about 6-8 nanoseconds ?
  - Average frequency of video pulse spectrum of 110-150 MHz
  - duration of autonomous work 6 h.
  - Working range of temperature is between -10 0 C and + 40 0 C
  - Weight of the antenna unit of about 8 kg

e-mail: inter@trgeo.ru
tel.: (495)-619-78-94
fax: (495)-618-50-69