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      TR-GEO-01 (MOBILE)
  Our works:
      In tunnels
      On roads
      On railroads

      On building

      On water surface

      In reconstruction geological slices

      Seismic profiling

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Conference GPR 2010
  Georadar Geoscope:
    Geoscope georadar is portable multi-purpose georadar designed for surveying carried out on cross-country terrain. It is equipped with user-friendly folding antenna unit. This georadar can transmit super broadband sounding video pulses. It is suited for sounding of structures with low and moderate attenuation of radio waves: sandy dry and wet grounds, loam grounds with low moisture content, rocky ground and frozen ground. This georadar allows detecting metallic and dielectric objects. It can identify the type of the object.  
    This georadar is suited for
- geophysical surveying, making and specifying of images of geological cross-sections.
- sounding of metallic and dielectric objects of no less than about 0,3 - 0,5 m in size as well as cables and pipes.
- detection of karst cavities and large boulders.
- sounding of borders of water lenses, alluvial cuttings.
- sounding of voids and wet zones beneath pavement.
  Device configuration:
    - Transmitting and receiving antennas (40x40x7 cm in size each) with built-in generator and receiving unit.
- Computer.
  Technical options and parameters:
    Depth of sounding:
  - in dry sandy ground, rocky ground - 20 m
  - in wet sandy ground, limestone - 10 m
  - in loam grounds with low moisture content - 3- 5 m
  Minimum sizes of objects :
  - local objects - 0,3- 0,5 m , linear objects - 7- 10 cm .
  Operating provedure:  
    The antennas move over ground or at small height above ground along parallel lines. The best results are achieved with close contact between antennas and ground. To increase the depth of sounding it is possible to make measurements with increased distance between antennas and to stack signals. The receiving unit includes controller and flash memory. At measurements the signals are being recorded into flash memory. After measurements the data are transferred to computer and undergo processing. Following signal processing and focusing vertical and horizontal sections as well as three-dimensional image are displayed.  

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