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  Our works in tunnels:


  Objectives of sounding
    To ensure safe construction of tunnels in conditions of dense urban building in Moscow central districts, Moscow Municipal Administration approved Rules for engineering-and-geological and geophysical support of tunnel drifting including ground monitoring ahead of tunneling machine. Geological Prospecting Co., Ltd has been involved in carrying out that monitoring for almost a decade.
The monitoring allows for detection of:
- water lenses, karst cavities, alluvial cuttings ahead of tunneling machine;
- natural or industrial inclusions (large boulders, pipes, cables, boreholes) ahead of tunneling machine;
- location of borders of loam layers and lenses above tunneling machine
  Practical results of sounding:
    Georadars have been applied for almost a decade when constructing several dozens of tunnels in Moscow . The performance of georadars was successful. Various objects were found including metallic pipes, large boulders, water-filled karst cavities in limestone, a lot of unexploded shells (since World War Two). If being hitted some of those objects (unexploded shells, gas pipes) could lead to accidents. Metallic pipes with 0,3- 1,5 m diameter were detected within 2,5 m distance in sandy grounds and sandy-and-loam grounds with low moisture content. Boulders with 0,5- 1 m diameter were detected within 1- 1,5 m distance in clay loams with moderate moisture content and within 3 m distance in sandy grounds. When applying georadars the following tasks were also solved: determination of thickness of tunnel concrete walls, checking of water content of sand beyond zone of freezing. Some of results are given as follows.  

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